It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. Step outside the box of a typical pharmacist role and start your own consulting business. We have coached many pharmacist starting their own consulting business all over the country. Contact us for details and pricing.


Dr. Nancy Galdelsayed

Working as a pharmacy manager at a retail store, I never thought I could start my own PGx consulting business in just a month!! Thanks to the amazing coaching provided, I am now a PGx consultant pharmacist. Thank you so much Behnaz! 

Dr. Simon Rasho

Thank you for helping me get develop my website, walking me through how to start my business from scratch. I am have expanded my pharmacogenomics services, internationally!! Thank you for coaching me.

Dr. Jamie Wilkey

Behnaz is an incredible pharmacist! She has a depth of knowledge of putting pharmacogenomics into practice that rivals very few. Not only does she know a lot, she cares even more. Behnaz truly cares about those she works with and goes above and beyond to help them. I’m a much better person after knowing her and she really helped jumpstart my own career.

Dr. Ani Rostomyan

Thank you for your exceptional coaching.
With your help and support, I’m able to start my own Pharmacogenomics consulting services from zero!
I’m confident that your expertise and support will guide me to succeed as PGX Pharmacist!
Thank you again Behnaz!

Dr. Chinki Bhatia

Behnaz is an incredibly professional, genuine and supportive person. She is always ready with her constructive feedback and  ideas to help me move forward in my journey. What I really appreciate about her coaching is that she caters the sessions according to the client’s needs and doesn’t necessarily follow a blueprint which really benefited my journey. While working  with Behnaz, I landed up with some unexpected and exciting projects in addition to PGx. It has certainly been a very important experience for me both professionally and personally. I am very grateful to Behnaz for introducing me to the field of PGx, nudging me outside my comfort zone, taking my business and mindset to the next level and much more. I highly recommend Behnaz as a coach!

Dr. Kimberly Miller


"I could use a coach, I could use a supporter, I could use a pharmacist leader"... Do you know how many times I have said that to myself on my Pharmacogenomics Journey?  I am incredibly grateful to have found such a compassionate and intelligent Pharmacist that pushes you to see YOUR GREATNESS.  Behnaz is a person that cares and she has this exquisite way about her to allow you to experience the uncertainty with great courage. I am a big Faith and Fight girl, I don't give up, but sometimes that "Never Enough" or "Good Enough" feeling needs a Warrior push, Behnaz did that for me. I am excited for Pharmacy with Pharmacogenomics in my toolbox. MY FLAME IS BACK!!!  THANK YOU BEHNAZ! 

Dr. Sandra Awaida

Behnaz is a highly skilled pharmacist and pharmacogenomics consultant. She is very genuine and truly cares which is constantly reflected in her coaching approach. Her experience in PGx for mental health was invaluable to me and her generosity in sharing her resources and expertise exceeds expectations!  Her thinking outside the box and her involvement in giving a voice to other pharmacists and patients on her podcast is so inspiring to me.

Sandra Awaida